Times change, people change gender, words get confusing

Remember the phrase ‘browsing the internet’? It used to have a totally different meaning back then. Blogs were the rage. There were websites to read jokes. There were websites with links to other websites. Remember how that felt? You would visit a website, and from there, you would click a link to another one, and another one, and another one, until you finally ended up with porn. The internet somehow made sure that everyone got their daily dose of pornography whether they liked it or not (or maybe it was just me). Nowadays, browsing the internet means, reading news on twitter, liking funeral photos, watching movie trailers, stalking the ex, and buying shoes. Sometimes people feel bad, and start a LinkedIn account. Then, there are the fuckers who turn LinkedIn into Facebook. The porn aspect of the internet has mysteriously vanished though, at least from the mainstream. I find that Interesting (or maybe it’s just me. Adsense? Makes sense?).

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