My vision of the future

It’s bleak. I don’t have high hopes, but here’s a disclaimer though:

My vision of the future is just based on extrapolations of the present and past. I am not quite as creative as astrologers.

Now, there would be wars, climate change and what not, but that doesn’t even compare to what I am about to tell you. One day, you’ll open up the Uber app, and you’ll book a cab, and then wait 5 minutes, and then a message would pop up saying,”save 100% by walking to your destination”. This is what I am afraid of, people. You think technology is going to save us? Think again. Today, I wrote a comment on a favourite podcast of mine. “Your podcast helps me get through difficult times”. And the autocorrect changed “podcast” into “piss cart”. Now, I’m not saying all technology is bad, I’m just saying we should fear God more.

I truly, genuinely hope people get the sarcasm in this one. If not, I have failed.


  1. haha, didn’t fail at all. I read a comment of a frantic blogger once asking for help when she texted her husband to tell him she didn’t hear the landline because she was outside sexting her neighbor. she’d meant to write texting, but you know, auto correct!
    And what’s wrong with saving %100? you even get to lose weight if your destination is far enough


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