How to manage your time, and other unnecessary advice

Try to identify what takes up most of your time. Is it your thinking? Is it your daydreaming? Is it masturbating in the shower? Is it Youtube? Is it your girlfriend? Is it OCD?

The key is to identify this sucker and kill it. Now when I say kill it, I mean slowly, because none of your problems are going to go away overnight. You have to be patient. You need to work on it. Most importantly, don’t worry about it. It will all be fine. Trust me. If you need help you can contact me on…or maybe not, just keep it to yourself. Some things are best kept secret. Plus I don’t really care. The next thing you have to work on is decision-making. Like for example, you are running late to work. You have already received a warning from HR. You are sure that you’ll reach late. The decision has to be quick. Fuck the job, chill with Netflix. 

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