Hypotheticals at the gym

A friend at the gym asked me what I would do if I got paid, but didn’t have to work for it. My immediate answer was, “I’ll take the money, but I’ll still go to work”. 

Friend- Why?

Me- Because I need more money, and I need something to do

Friend- What if you got paid a lot of money?

Me- I would still go to work

Friend- So you like your job

Me- No. I hate it now.

Friend- Then why did you say that?

Me- I’ll go do something else. Make music or help the poor, something like that.

Friend- Why?

Me- Because otherwise life wouldn’t have any purpose

Friend- Why wouldn’t you just travel around the world and enjoy the free money? Or maybe learn a new skill?

Me- For me, that’s easier said than done. I don’t see myself doing things unless I have a driver, a reason. Why did you ask me this?

Friend- Just wanted to know

Me- I need to think about this. Maybe Domino’s has the answer.

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