Running away from comfort

I never thought it’ll come to this, but I wrote a poem


I came here with hopes, dreams and a pair of earphones

I learned quite a lot, I have to admit

I met some good people, very good people, and bad people

I experienced warmth, cold, and culture

I ate whatever I could eat

I played, I loitered, but I have not littered

But now I feel like it is time for me to go

To where, I do not know, but I cannot stay here anymore

because this heaven has become my comfort zone

At the back of my head I hear,” part of the ship, part of the crew”

Which is why I need to get the fuck out of here ASAP

I am a creative person, too lazy to create

Hoping I get an Uber to my next destination

But I don’t feel helpless, because I have a vision

It tells me everything is going to fine 

As of now, I am a kite, caught on a power line



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