Best things I’ve heard this week

A famous comedian, Bobby Lee, when asked about his career, says 

“sometimes I wake up at two in the afternoon and there’s a hole in my fucking heart”. To this, Dave Navarro(a famous guitarist) replies, “Whatever shape that hole is, there’s something on Amazon that will fit perfectly in there”. 


“So this is the world we live in now? That science has to be leaked?”

-Stephen Colbert(referring to a leaked report that says climate change is happening faster than previously thought. The report was made by 15 different federal agencies. It was leaked because there was fear that the present administration would try to suppress it before it was published).


“At night, when you go to lock the front door, and you switch off the lights, if you happen to see a tall, dark figure standing in the corner of the room, staring at you, that’s when you know, you need to start making changes to your lifestyle, starting with the pile of clothes that hasn’t been washed in weeks”.


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