The dark spots

In light of recent “events”, I would like to tell you a fun little story from my happy  childhood. Sweet memories.

I was going back home from school in an autorickshaw. The driver seemed like the talkative kind. The usual, happy person. He asked me stuff about my school, teachers and friends. It got a little weird when he started asking me personal questions. He seemed very interested to know if I had a girlfriend. The questions got even more personal. I was a kid. So I had no idea what he was saying. Just as I was about to get out of the vehicle, he, with the confidence of an olympic athlete, tried to grab my dick. But before he was able to, I summoned up some courage and let out a loud “NO”. Guess he was afraid of people noticing. He left immediately.

I think about this “incident” at least once a month. It’s not traumatic in any way. I just wonder how different my life would have been if the driver had succeeded. If this incident made me feel uneasy, I wonder how hard it must be for people who have been through actual sexual abuse. I wish there was a way to “delete that file” from memory and fill it up with laughter.

And that is why I will do stand-up comedy sometime in the future. Once people realize that there’s nothing more traumatising than my humour, everything will be alright.

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