Me and my friend were wandering the streets aimlessly when we spotted a photography exhibition. When I saw they were giving out free snacks, I said, “fuck yeah!” and walked in looking like pro photographers, looked at all the photos, concluded they were mediocre and were about to leave when a lady came up to us and started asking us questions. She held my hands and said, “are you his friends?”. Turns out, the photos were taken by her son, who passed away a year ago. The exhibition was to help preserve his photos in a museum. We came clean and told her the truth. She was surprised, but insisted we take a look at a book about her son, that was written by his friends. She kept holding my hand for some reason. She wouldn’t let go. At one point of time, she even tried to hug me. I could tell she missed her son badly. I read a few pages of the book. Fortunately, I hadn’t forgotten how to read.

I ended up attending the whole event and I also gave a speech on “photography” and “a photographer I never knew” to a group of about fifty strangers. Among them were government officials, old people, crazy little children and more old people. Great day, great food, memorable awkwardness.

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