Need somebody to lean on? Are you sure?

I’m a fan of the song. But is it true that 

Everybody needs somebody?

Everybody needs something?

Maybe I’m inexplicably naive. But as human beings, I think we are evolving to be more independent and efficient in every way possible. Whenever I feel down, and feel like I need companionship, I do this little trick where I look up to myself! (lame, I know). I ask myself for advice, and guess what? It works! Especially when I’m drunk. You know why? Because deep inside, I know that I am the only person in the whole world who can help me. I know how relationships, religion, that sort of thing, seem magical. Do you think, in the far-away future, people will still cling on to these?

Or, is all of this just nonsense spewing from a super-introverted, super-single, super-happy human being? My mom called the other day and talked a lot about how she thinks I’ve changed. The words, ‘distant’, ‘strange’ and ‘family’ were used repeatedly. She’s funny. I like her.



I just remembered my dog. Everything makes sense now. Dammit.



    1. Dogs are the future. They need to be weaponized.
      Just kidding.

      You are right. History shows that humans were made to live and work together. But if you look at the pattern of how things are going, you will see that humans are becoming less dependent on each other. For example, our ancestors lived together in packs of large numbers. Then individual families started breaking away from the pack in search of better opportunities. Then the number of family members reduced. Now we have micro-families where, as soon as the children mature, they leave their homes. Single-parent families are also a common thing. Going by this pattern, I think someday we’ll have humans who can asexually reproduce. It’s a stretch but, who knows?


      1. Wow. If we started to be asexual 1. Other people will be like ew, that’s gay and it will not be popular, but 2. Those single peeps that keep complaining of not being able to get a partner or give birth will start to move towards the idea and then the world would be ‘populated with a race of devils’( – Frankenstein), our resources depleted and it’ll be the Great Depression all over again


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