I can’t believe I’m writing about this on this fucking stupid blog. My dog died, everybody. My dog is dead. I don’t have anyone else to talk to. So I am going to rant for a bit and  then cry, like a man.


This happy little girl came into my life seven years ago. We had a lot of fun. We ran together, we scared people together, we ate together. However, a few years later, I moved out of the family home, went to college, got a job and could never again find time to spend with her. Wow! I’ve never really hated myself like this before. Holy shit! This is some next-level pain. I feel like something is crushing my heart. I feel a weight on my chest. I can’t end on this sad note. Here’s my message to you.

If there’s people you love, do yourselves a favour and give them a big, gigantic, super-hug and never let go. Do it now. RIGHT NOW! Hug them to the point where they’re like, “get off me weirdo”. Do this, not because “nothing lasts forever”, but because these are the moments that do last forever. Thank God for beer.


  1. I lost my pet 2 years ago and I could feel the pain you go through now. I’m extending my deepest sympathy for you in your loss. May fond memories of your beloved pet warm your heart always. Thoughts and prayers with you.


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