Have you seen busy-people wake up on a Tuesday morning and immediately check their mail to see if they’ve got anything important, like an appointment with a client or a review-session for a research paper? Well, today morning I got a mail from Domino’s. It said, “we use real cheese”. I said, “okay. I believe you. I’ve never doubted you for a second”. And then I wrote this poem:

Domino’s and me

I like Domino’s

Domino’s likes me

I have liver problems

Domino’s still, likes me

Sometimes the cheese tastes different

But Domino’s likes me

I go to the gym

Domino’s is close to the gym

I work out a lot

Domino’s doesn’t care

3 days of workout= 1 day of Domino’s

Who gives a shit?

Because Dominos, still likes me


Stay tuned for my next one, “I have a dream. A Burger King dream”


  1. I ordered pizza from Dominoes 2 weeks ago. Waited over an hour. Looked out the window and there was the delivery guy parked in the street with a police car behind him and lights flashing. I didn’t give him a tip. But the pizza was good.


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