If you look at the way consumer electronics has evolved over the years you will notice a pattern in the amount of energy consumed by these devices. Over the years, all devices(phones, light bulbs, watches, etc ) have been modified to consume less power. Same goes with commercial electronics, auto industry, etc. Make no mistake of thinking this was just coincidence. A lot of effort was put in trying to lower the consumption of energy. However, I wonder if we took the easy way out with this one. What if we had put the same amount of effort in trying to find new sources of energy? Would the world be the same? Now for something even more worrisome. Do you think we were forced to limit the capabilities of these devices due to the scarcity of energy? Now, imagine a scenario where the sun gave out wireless electricity instead of heat. Wait a minute…then we would all freeze to death. Imagine if the sun gave out electricity along with all the other rad stuff. Close your eyes and imagine that world for a second. Don’t fall asleep. What do you see?

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