Sleep deprivation

These are some of the things that I’ve caught myself saying after a good week of sleep deprivation.

1. “I fell on the moving stair case”

2.  Me: “Man! The movie was killer!”

Imaginary therapist: “Which one?”

Me: “The one with the girl who kills monsters with her hearing-aid”

3. Doctor: “So you’re saying, you had it just a few minutes before you got here, but its gone now?”

Me:”Yes. You get 10 points for repeating it correctly”.

4. Manager: “We’ve got some feedback. We need to modify the design so that it will play well in the local market. I have assigned Dexter and Dee Dee to work with you. Can you start with the electronics today?

Me: Sure. Whose Dexter and Dee Dee? 


I have to say that there are a few pros. In some cases, even heightened abilities.

1. I can converse with anyone, literally anyone for 15 minutes straight and actually enjoy it.

2. I can fall asleep at random places.


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