I like the villain. Is there something wrong with me?


That’s actually not true. He he. I don’t like villains. I was the kid who always chose to play as the counter-terrorists in Counterstrike even though there were “rumours” that the terrorists were more powerful. Damn I miss those days. Not really.

But there’s something admirable about certain villains. So admirable that they almost make it look like the makers of the movie want you to like the villain more than the hero. These villians single-handedly make the movie so good. The movies I am talking about are ones like

Night Crawler

The Dark Knight


Clockwork Orange

So what’s wrong with Split? We have a dude who goes around kidnapping girls, makes them take off their clothes and finally eats them. Now what could possibly be wrong about this friendly bloke? Seems like a pretty good role model to me!

Reasons why I tend to sympathize with this guy:

He is mentally ill

Multiple personality disorder is “sooooo cool” (only when it happens to others)

He has unbelievably good discipline

People are mean to him

And most importantly, he has good taste in music. Damn those moves were killer(no pun intended).

Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in Night Crawler actually inspired me. That guy is as creative as Casey Neistat! He’s the kind of guy you would want to be part of your start-up company. He’s got the ideas, plans and most importantly, the ability to do some kickass talking.

I could go on and on about these villains. Obviously, they are all horrible, fucked-up people who deserve to be stopped. However I found some interesting qualities in all of them. For example, all of them have such determination that makes them almost unstoppable. I admire their drive. They are all “perfectionists” and they are really good at what they do.

One last thing about Split:

Everyone’s thinking it. I am just putting it out there. That “Beast” thing was just bullshit.


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