Greening of the mind


Greening of the mind. I’ve never heard this phrase before. I don’t fully understand what it means but I like it! I sure as hell had my mind “greened” today. All along the way I kept asking myself “where have all the dinosaurs gone?” We are all living on the same planet where once the awesome dinosaurs roamed. How cool is that?


I don’t know what it is about the colour green. There’s something special about it. I’ve heard people say that we’re mentally programmed to like it or whatever. But to see it on a tree and on grass is very different. If you look at the colour green on a painting, it doesn’t excite you more than any other colour. Now that I’ve gotten used to seeing green on the trees, if for some reason they had to change to some other colour like yellow, I would be very displeased. It would just destroy me. Weird.


Why is there an increasing tendency to close our doors on nature?


We all know what happens when nature decides to reclaim lost territory.


Or is it? Is it just repairing the damage?


We need these gigantic “green things” more than we think. I know…all they do is give out oxygen. No big deal. What if one day we could learn to co-exist happily? Aha! that’s where the “greening” comes in!


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