The idiot box?


Look into my eyes! Worship me!

The idiot box. That’s what they called the TV when it started to ruin people’s lives. They believed that it created dumb people. Maybe in some cases it did. I always thought of the TV as a doorway, a medium of communication that transcended all boundaries. There is no denying the fact that it helped spread knowledge. It might have been biased knowledge but still it did something. It invoked curiosity in people. I don’t know if TV was the result of evolution or if the TV affected evolution in some way. I know for sure that it has affected people’s lives. It has tremendously affected mine.

Having said all this, I have to acknowledge the fact that I don’t watch TV anymore. In fact I kind of hate cable. I am very happy with the internet. I get to watch, listen, read whatever I want, whenever I want. Here’s the problem- sometimes it sucks.

I read a magazine the other day. I hadn’t read any print magazine for a very long time. As I read it I thought to myself,” Everything here is very well thought out, neatly laid out and properly researched. This is frikkin great!”. I don’t get the same feeling when I read about something on the internet. The search results are tailored to satisfy me. The results I get are the ones that I want. Not the ones that I need. We’ve all internet-diagnosed ourselves with cancer at some point in life. However, it depends on how much I am willing to delve into the research. There is no hiding from the truth after all. I am also curious about radio. There is something cool about the randomness. There is something cool about the presentation, the radio edits, etc. I sure as hell don’t miss buying cassettes and CDs. It was a whole different experience though.

I think there is something strange about the way people take in information depending upon how it is presented. The other day, I saw an ad for an app. It said,” Don’t like reading the long boring news articles? Well now you can read every top story in 60 words or less!”. What the fuck has the world come to?


  1. Sometimes internet research is painful. Personally – I think it is hazardous to one’s health. Don’t get me wrong -the internet is a great, instant way of connecting with friends and family you wouldn’t normally see (and let’s be honest- wouldn’t meet up with) Looking into the psychology of the internet, I put it to my university colleagues that social media is our ‘electronic dummy’ through bereavement whether it be the death of a friend/relative, or a ‘virtual’ death of a relationship that has turned sour. Sometimes we use it as a form of closure, piecing together events – rather like a detective novel, trying to understand why relationships turned the way they did. We cannot accept that life has evolved to such an extent that we are bound by binary codes and archived snapshots of the people we once remembered (in happier times). Also – I read a very sad story of an American curator whose brother died whilst she was abroad, and she continues to write to him. She knows he is ‘not there’ but it is her link to him that she cannot cut.
    We are constantly deluged with too many naff cable exports – and we waste too many minutes of the day when there’s a life to be had in the outside world. As a former librarian I also miss the human interaction over a counter, and I do not understand friend requests from people in one’s past 25 years ago.

    Hope I’ve not depressed you too much.


    1. It is impossible to depress me anymore. I’ve taken care of that very well 🙂 . I agree with you about social media. However I do feel that the internet has done more good than harm. It just helps spread knowledge. In my case for example, watching daily vloggers on youtube gives me an insight into the lives of people who live in different parts of the world. Finding valid information on the internet can be hard but stuff like online access to university libraries, research groups, etc is awesome. Searching is hard however. I also watch normal people talk normal stuff! I find that entertaining in some way.


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