Cryogenic preservation of humans



The first thing that comes to mind when I think about this is Captain America waking up from the hospital bed! It is going to be super weird to wake up after so many years. I am neither against this practice nor for it but I am extremely curious about it. In a way, I am slightly scared of the idea. What if after death, we are actually meant to wake up someplace better? What if we get pulled from that reality when brought back to life here? That would suck wouldn’t it? There is also the question of “are we doing the right thing by spending so much money to do this?”. The money could instead be used to better someone else’s life. Having said all of this, wouldn’t it be awesome to live again? To get a second chance? To see what happens to the world? To say hello to the more “evolved” humans? Damn that will be embarrassing though! What if you wake up and the first thing you hear is “Power’s out for good bro. Better wake up and get your shit together!” or “oh shit! sorry bro! I was trying to charge my phone. I’ll plug you right back in” or even worse”Oh my god! Kill that ugly thing!”.

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