A light in the black

There’s a light bulb surrounded by knives. One would expect the knives to shine in the light but these knives are not shining. Instead, they appear dark and sinister. On the other hand, the light bulb is glowing so bright that you can see the rays of light pushing away the darkness. One lone warrior shedding light on evil. One scared fighter trying to drive away the ignorance. The knives will stay where they are but one day the light has to stop. One day the light will start to flicker. One day the light will fade and die. But until then, it will fight. It will fight with all its might. Enveloped in darkness.



  1. It is now National Novel Writing a month! What a great chance to write a novel! All you have to do is write some words everyday and form them into a coherent straight thing. and check out my blog page! I often just post my thoughts and random things that I find cool! and check out “Noodle World” as well. Stay fluffy! Good luck to you “Curiosity”


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