The sad old house

While I was wandering about the streets of Kolkata taking photos, on old man asked me why I was taking photos of the street. I told him its because I like to take pictures of old buildings. He said, “You call this old? I’ll show you old!” and he showed me this 200 year old gem.








I wish I could say that this place is abandoned and haunted. It pains me to say that the old man and his family still live here in such pathetic conditions.


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  1. I don’t know much about the housing in Kolkata (never been there) but even here in Mumbai, the situation isn’t any different. In places like Colaba, where you would normally expect to have all those really damn tall buildings, there are decades old, dilapidated buildings (Mumbai isn’t a very old city right? Not many centuries-old buildings here haha đŸ™‚ )

    The sad part is that the residents themselves can’t go to other places so that their buildings can go into redevelopment, due to the exhorbitant rates per square foot of carpet area. We talk a lot about how the suburbs and outskirts of the city are thriving, but we forget to take care of our roots, the place where all the original development started.

    Not to mention Dharavi and other smaller slums, which are totally different things. Their case is goes to an entirely different level.

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