Friendship Update

Its been a while since I published the post about ‘friends’. Thank you to all the wonderful people who took time to give their opinions on it. I am very excited and happy to post an update regarding my progress in the ‘fine art’ of making friends. Here’s the short version: I still don’t have friends 🙂

But I’ve come a long way, learned many things, travelled quite a bit and met a few amazing people. I’ve matured as a person. I have realized the faults in my lifestyle and……oh what the hell. Why am I even writing this?  Everything’s still the same except I have started to go out more, spend more time doing things I like(attending concerts, stand-up comedy shows, movies). My longing for friends had once peaked to such an extent that I had started to speak with random people on the road. Yes. Complete random strangers whose appearance made me feel like they were good people. What a great idea it was! The first few attempts went horribly wrong but guess what? It finally worked! I even met a dude who almost ended up doing some business with the company I work at. Unfortunately the contract got scraped due to budget issues but we’re still friends. I also met someone who introduced me to more people and now I hangout with them almost every weekend. I’m also trying to form a band. All this would make my introduction to this post seem very misleading but it is true. I hangout with these people so that I don’t feel bored. They are good friends but I still don’t have close friends(the type of people who you could discuss your problems with). But I am happy with what I have and I am still on the lookout for friends(unlucky people, offering them the chance of a lifetime to be my friend 🙂 ).

Moreover, I am so happy now that I have a platform to write all this nonsense. Thanks to anonymous blogging, I can say whatever crap I want. But lately I’ve been noticing these people called ‘followers’ on my blog. Are they my friends? Who are they and why would they want to do such a thing? :-). So now it feels like I am not so anonymous after all! Feels a little uncomfortable but you people are still the best!

Here’s some ‘feel good’ metal for you!



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