My brain

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Adam Harkus

He is a blogger friend. Tip: Listen to it while you blog. Its great stuff!

I was watching a movie today when the person sitting next to me got a phone call. I was so immersed in the movie that it did not disturb me at all. I did not pay any attention to the conversation. I was enjoying the movie thoroughly(movie was Jason Bourne). Even if I had tried to listen, I wouldn’t have understood anything because I don’t speak the local language. After the movie ended, as I was walking out of the cinema, it suddenly struck me that this person was speaking in a language that I totally knew and I also remembered exactly what he said! It felt a little weird knowing that my brain was recording stuff happening around me even if I wasn’t paying attention to it. Funny enough, there were scenes like this in the movie too! Aha! So that’s how hypnotists work!


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