I just realised that I have been writing a lot of boring stuff about being lonely and miserable. I have made some changes to my life style so that I feel less bored and lonely. Among these changes is a major change to the way I blog. I now try to blog from public spaces. I think I have taken my blogging to the next level! I am writing this sitting on a sidewalk bench at an insanely busy intersection buzzing with hundreds of people. I am just chilling in the middle of nowhere. The place is filled with grocery stores, malls and sadly, a lot of poverty. There are  homeless kids playing on the street. Dozens of families have made the sidewalk their home. People are busy on their phones, making their way home after a hard day’s work. On my way here I saw a woman beat the crap out of what seems to look like her drunken husband. He probably deserves it but man! it was violent. So what I am trying to say is that there is a lot happening here. Also people! Lots and lots of people! Now I don’t feel lonely at all! I think I’ll come here to write from now on. Feels great. It’s a good 45 minutes walk from home. To my surprise, there are many people here like me chilling on the sidewalk, reading stuff off their phones! I think this would be a great place to meet new people. The time is now 10:00 pm. My new hangout spot has calmed down for the day. Its much more silent now. No more honking and shouting.Intersection


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