Wikipedia defines synesthesia as a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. In ancient Greek syn means “together” and aisthēsis means “sensation”. So some people associate numbers with colours, sounds with colours, pictures with sounds, sounds with pictures, etc. Sounds really weird doesn’t it? I think it is a gift. I think it can help people do extraordinary things. Make music from numbers, make paintings from sounds, etc. It is very hard to explain synesthesia. There are two main kinds. Associative and projective. Associative causes people to feel one sense together with another. Like feel a sound as a colour. Projective is more interesting. It is when people actually perceive two senses at once. What would it be like to visualize sound? I’m not talking about the you tube videos of visualizing actual pressure waves. I’m talking about the kind where people actually see things associated with certain sounds. The Wikipedia example nails it down: For example, in the common form chromesthesia (sound to color) a projector may hear a trumpet and see an orange triangle in space while an associator might hear a trumpet and think very strongly that it sounds “orange”. An orange triangle in space? What in the world would that look like? Trippy as hell I would assume. Would distract you a lot though. I believe I have a sensory mix up as well. This is my first ever revelation of the ‘gift’ to anyone ever. Its not as cool as the ones discussed above. In fact its kinda funny. I taste words. Yup. Not sounds. Just words. Every single word I wrote in this blog, I have tasted. Yes, you are reading stuff I have licked with my tongue. It is really hard to explain and it will not make any sense but here goes: ‘Words’=potato chips with cream n onion dip, ‘simply’= pudding, ‘torch’= spicy potato chips, ‘dark’= chocolate(obviously), ‘linger’= sour, ‘free’=strawberry cream, etc. I am not even sure if this is a rare condition. Do any of you have similar ‘gifts’? Please let me know. I have the perfect excuse for being hungry all the time. I read a lot.

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