Perception of time

A friend once told me how when he was a little kid he had stumbled upon a wandering beetle(I had to google the spelling of beetle. Not a big fan of the Beatles though!). It was moving real slow, doing things that beetles do. He wondered how the beetle perceived time in comparison to how we(humans) perceived time. Pretty deep stuff for a small kid to be thinking! He’s really proud of himself for that!
The beetle begins its life, lives and dies. All of this happens in a short span of time. Short span of time to who? Us, humans. We do not know how the beetle perceives its life time. It might actually feel the same way we feel about our life span! So while the beetle may appear to move slow, for the beetle itself, things maybe happening at a pace that it perceives to be normal.
Weird! Super weird! Stuff like this keeps me curious. A while ago I was living with my mom, working part time at an audio equipment store. Those days were pretty boring. So week days seemed long and the weekends seemed quite short! I now have a fulltime job that I like more. Weekdays appear to pass by like seconds whereas weekends appear to last longer. And I like that! So it appears as though my perception of time changes depending on how much I enjoy doing something. Weirder!


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