I would like to explain this one using an example. A celebrity was requested to help promote a movie. He agreed and flew to the country where the movie was made. He had come to watch a preview. Everything went fine and he flew back. After he left, the local people started to go nuts over a stupid issue. The issue was that during his visit , he refused to drink the water that he was offered. Instead, he drank water from the bottles he had brought with him. A very similar incident happened to me(I am not a celebrity, but I have this awesome ability to INSTANTLY make people stop speaking to me). I had recently started to work at a small store in town. I had reasons to believe that the drinking water there was not safe for drinking. So I never drank water from there. This led to coworkers making fun of me. No big deal. They were very nice folks. (Except for this one prick who always found a goddamn fault with…..
Anger fading ……… fading………. gone!😀 Deep purple makes everyone happy!)
These incidents made me wonder why people can’t just respect an individual’s interests. Why can’t people just leave fellow beigns alone? I am causing zero harm! Although, I can imagine what would happen if I walk into someones house and blindly refuse to drink water from there by saying “I won’t drink water from here”(with a smiling face like Jake Gyllenhall’s face in night crawler). I understand that saying things politely will cause less trouble but my point is that it still causes trouble!


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